Saturday, February 3, 2007

Me and fellow bloggers

Paling kanan skali nurhashima .Depan dia Kak Ton. Semua nampak seronok aje..!! But actually in reality I'm like already pening with the blogging thing but despair I SHALL NOT!! Meoww!!..

The Tranquility Of Sunset

blog kengkawan

blog kengkawan hebat2 belaka:hmmmmm...14 semuanya!
I even want to name my house Baitus Sakeenah or The House of Sakeenah.Even though I know there's pure chaos in the house with my two little children age 7 and 9, it's really not a problem still

Why Sakeena?

It reminds me of the arabic word sakeenah which means peacefulness and a sense of tranquility and calmness which I hope can fill my very body, mind and soul till I burst with it. Also my second daughter's name is Sakinah.